Why the puppy bowl is the best thing to have happened?

Everybody knows I’m a cat person. But do not for a minute think that my heart is not going to utterly and completely melt the moment somebody walks up to me and tells me that there is a Superbowl…played with puppies! You’d have to be heartless if that does not move you.

I had no idea what I was expecting. I tried my best not to Google anything about Puppy Bowl beforehand and I was thoroughly surprised. It promised and it delivered everything it promised!

Puppy Bowl 2015

Were there puppies?

Puppy Bowl puppies

Yes! So many puppies!

Puppy Bowl 2015 Puppy Bowl LineupCute Puppy Bowl

And the cheerleaders? Baby goats! (To be honest, I had no idea baby goats were this cute).

Baby goat cheerleadersPuppy Bowl Cheerleaders

And for the half time show, for the first time in history, ladies and gentlemen, a kitten named Katy Furry!

Katy Furry Puppy Bowl

Just look at them! I have no idea how people actually managed to see the actual Superbowl. I could not have cared less about which team won (but, Patriots, congratulations any way).

There are two things the Annual Puppy Bowl of 2015 has taught me. Number 1, there is always beauty and light in the world. You just need to look for it. Number 2, I now know my dream job.

Anybody know how to apply for a role as a Puppy Bowl refree?

Puppy Bowl Refree


Bah Humbug..

It is that time of the year every single girl loves – a chance to live your own Bridget Jones moment, or just sit there with the cats and ice-cream watching endless re-runs of it (wait, that’s not just me, is it?).

Christmas does give rise to some great social media, such as all the spoof versions of the Christmas ads. One of my favourite buzzfeeds this year was the lonely sister-in-law christmas cards – if only I had the guts to send this out, I’d die laughing at the reaction. Of course there are some down right scary cards out there, this one made the cats run and hide, I think in future I will threaten them with bringing him home.

scary christmas cards

This year I have refused to take part in any Christmas activities and the associated guilt that surrounds them, the you’re putting on weight, why aren’t you talking to Auntie Joan, what happened to that nice young man, type conversations that surround the day. This year I’ve decided it’s me, the cats, endless looping of the worst Christmas songs, and a boozed up version of Christmas pudding Ice Cream– if Colin Firth wants to pop round I might share. Ho-ho-hum

Instagram profiles for when you are depressed

You know how it happens. Sometimes, you wake up and you feel like the world is out to get you and you just want to throw something really sharp at anybody who wants to talk to you. It might seem like nothing can make you feel better on a day like that- but you are wrong.

No, of course I’m not asking you to go call your friends. What good are they, when you have Instagram profiles you could stalk?

These are Instagram profiles that are so funny, they need their own website. And they are guaranteed to make your day better!

My personal favourite is baddiewinkle. She’s a grandma who knows she’s funny and you’re damn right she’s going to show it to the world just how cool she is.

Baddiewinkle- Best Instagram profile

A close second is peejet (no, I do not understand why you would want that as your handle either). He understands just how redundant and morally corrupt a tool Photoshop is, and uses it to photoshop himself into photos with celebrities. Needless to say, he does it much better than most celebrities!

peejet Instagram profile

Satiregram is probably one of the finest Instagram profiles on the planet- it’s a profile that mocks all other profiles. There’s something rather meta about that, don’t you think?










And finally, our last entry is cashcats- an Instragram where people post photos of cats with cash. You gotta agree- nothing better than cats to make your day brighter!


TV time

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve gone into Autumn shut down, the beauty of this means more quality time with the cats at home. And that means TV , while the cats enjoyed my attempts at audience participation with the Great British Bake Off (see below), that was just the warm up for the show that will take us through to winter – yes, that’s right, its Apprentice time.

Baking disaster

Each year I like to imagine that the cats get quite excited when the theme tune starts, as they surely know by now that means consistent couch time. Possibly the fact that I turn all phones off, meaning no interruptions, meaning no movement, meaning plenty of time to knead your way to that perfect spot puts them in cat heaven. So, I do like to be fair to them, all necessary accessories are organised way before we sit down. TV set up with remote at arms reach, check, tea  organised, check, live blog on Ipad running, check, and most importantly vodka shots lined up for every time Lord Sugar points that wise old finger off doom.

cat takes over tv

So, far this years crop seem a bit bland, no crazy inventors and the most daring dresser has one already. There’s not much in the way of eye candy either, I think I’ll keep my eye on Nick for now, let’s face it no major show on BBC is now complete without a silver-haired fox.


A Winters Tale…coming soon

Squirrel Burying Nuts

Autumn is finally coming, and I can’t wait. I find the curious asymmetry between the trees losing their layers and the rest of nature diving for theirs reassuring. I can spend hours in the park sipping a Flat White watching the squirrels do their mad ‘must get everything now’ panic dance. I don’t have to rush between the latest pop up event and the new must see bar, but can stroll through the city taking my time to look up and around on the eye out for interesting angles to photograph.Cat throwing a hairball

On the home front the cats start becoming less about throwing a hairball up and more cozying up, they’re not so inclined to spend days lazing in the sun which leaves them restless at night eager to have their own version of going out on the town looking for prey, they’re much more in the feed me hold me love me mode that will serve them well in the months to come.

For me,  Autumn means for the first time in months I don’t have to constantly diet, wary of that moment I have to put on a bikini. I can go out dressed up knowing that the summers’ heat wont frizzle and melt everything in 10 seconds flat. And I’m caught in that lovely point where it’s just as easy to go out as stay in.

But, possibly the best part is that, like those squirrels, the men of this fair city are also doing their own version of bedding down. Most nights they’re out are no longer about just being with the mates and eying off the cutest girl – no, they too can sense the approach of winter, and are now turning their thoughts to making sure that they’re prepared with the right girl to spend those couch comforting months with.