A Winters Tale…coming soon

Squirrel Burying Nuts

Autumn is finally coming, and I can’t wait. I find the curious asymmetry between the trees losing their layers and the rest of nature diving for theirs reassuring. I can spend hours in the park sipping a Flat White watching the squirrels do their mad ‘must get everything now’ panic dance. I don’t have to rush between the latest pop up event and the new must see bar, but can stroll through the city taking my time to look up and around on the eye out for interesting angles to photograph.Cat throwing a hairball

On the home front the cats start becoming less about throwing a hairball up and more cozying up, they’re not so inclined to spend days lazing in the sun which leaves them restless at night eager to have their own version of going out on the town looking for prey, they’re much more in the feed me hold me love me mode that will serve them well in the months to come.

For me,  Autumn means for the first time in months I don’t have to constantly diet, wary of that moment I have to put on a bikini. I can go out dressed up knowing that the summers’ heat wont frizzle and melt everything in 10 seconds flat. And I’m caught in that lovely point where it’s just as easy to go out as stay in.

But, possibly the best part is that, like those squirrels, the men of this fair city are also doing their own version of bedding down. Most nights they’re out are no longer about just being with the mates and eying off the cutest girl – no, they too can sense the approach of winter, and are now turning their thoughts to making sure that they’re prepared with the right girl to spend those couch comforting months with.


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