Bah Humbug..

It is that time of the year every single girl loves – a chance to live your own Bridget Jones moment, or just sit there with the cats and ice-cream watching endless re-runs of it (wait, that’s not just me, is it?).

Christmas does give rise to some great social media, such as all the spoof versions of the Christmas ads. One of my favourite buzzfeeds this year was the lonely sister-in-law christmas cards – if only I had the guts to send this out, I’d die laughing at the reaction. Of course there are some down right scary cards out there, this one made the cats run and hide, I think in future I will threaten them with bringing him home.

scary christmas cards

This year I have refused to take part in any Christmas activities and the associated guilt that surrounds them, the you’re putting on weight, why aren’t you talking to Auntie Joan, what happened to that nice young man, type conversations that surround the day. This year I’ve decided it’s me, the cats, endless looping of the worst Christmas songs, and a boozed up version of Christmas pudding Ice Cream– if Colin Firth wants to pop round I might share. Ho-ho-hum