Why the puppy bowl is the best thing to have happened?

Everybody knows I’m a cat person. But do not for a minute think that my heart is not going to utterly and completely melt the moment somebody walks up to me and tells me that there is a Superbowl…played with puppies! You’d have to be heartless if that does not move you.

I had no idea what I was expecting. I tried my best not to Google anything about Puppy Bowl beforehand and I was thoroughly surprised. It promised and it delivered everything it promised!

Puppy Bowl 2015

Were there puppies?

Puppy Bowl puppies

Yes! So many puppies!

Puppy Bowl 2015 Puppy Bowl LineupCute Puppy Bowl

And the cheerleaders? Baby goats! (To be honest, I had no idea baby goats were this cute).

Baby goat cheerleadersPuppy Bowl Cheerleaders

And for the half time show, for the first time in history, ladies and gentlemen, a kitten named Katy Furry!

Katy Furry Puppy Bowl

Just look at them! I have no idea how people actually managed to see the actual Superbowl. I could not have cared less about which team won (but, Patriots, congratulations any way).

There are two things the Annual Puppy Bowl of 2015 has taught me. Number 1, there is always beauty and light in the world. You just need to look for it. Number 2, I now know my dream job.

Anybody know how to apply for a role as a Puppy Bowl refree?

Puppy Bowl Refree


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