Instagram profiles for when you are depressed

You know how it happens. Sometimes, you wake up and you feel like the world is out to get you and you just want to throw something really sharp at anybody who wants to talk to you. It might seem like nothing can make you feel better on a day like that- but you are wrong.

No, of course I’m not asking you to go call your friends. What good are they, when you have Instagram profiles you could stalk?

These are Instagram profiles that are so funny, they need their own website. And they are guaranteed to make your day better!

My personal favourite is baddiewinkle. She’s a grandma who knows she’s funny and you’re damn right she’s going to show it to the world just how cool she is.

Baddiewinkle- Best Instagram profile

A close second is peejet (no, I do not understand why you would want that as your handle either). He understands just how redundant and morally corrupt a tool Photoshop is, and uses it to photoshop himself into photos with celebrities. Needless to say, he does it much better than most celebrities!

peejet Instagram profile

Satiregram is probably one of the finest Instagram profiles on the planet- it’s a profile that mocks all other profiles. There’s something rather meta about that, don’t you think?










And finally, our last entry is cashcats- an Instragram where people post photos of cats with cash. You gotta agree- nothing better than cats to make your day brighter!