A Travellers Tale

So, I’ve been on holiday recently (thank god for Loans from Ferratum), meeting up with my fellow singleton member KG in Berlin. Normally not one to love leaving my cats let alone the comforts of my stash of Ben and Jerry, the recent warm weather and its endless opportunity for others to display their love has got me in motion.

KG has assured me that Berlin will supply all that a girl like me needs – bountiful hipster boys newly arrived from all over the world with their ever so rough facial hair, endless cheap cocktails and a city that shares my love of photography. Having survived the trip without drooling on the shoulder of my in flight neighbour (oddly enough, not a way to entice a man), I arrived raring to go. First stop fashionable Prenzlauer Berg, and what better way to show me the view than from the roof of a shopping centre. Seriously though, Deck 5 was amazing, I managed to get off some wonderful sunset photos while admiring the cassette of hipsters sipping their whisky sours.


Over the next few days we got into a holiday rhythm – exploring the amazing graffiti and galleries of Berlin ( I highly recommend the Berlin Museum for Photography), and trawling the numerous bars at night. Berlin is a refreshing change from the cleanliness of home, seemingly unconcerned with making an appearance or the right outfit for the occasion.

I came home exhausted but reassured that I wasnt the only single girl in the city – and that Ben and Jerry do wait.


Amazing talk on why we fall in love

So as you all know I’m constantly on the lookout, scouring the internet for anything that will make the Gordian Knot of love, life and relationships a little less perplexing. Seeing as I can’t follow in the footsteps of the Great Alexander by simply destroying the knot with a swift swing of a sword, I’ve got to look to other means of untangling it.

So imagine my delight when I happened upon this ted talk entitled ‘The Brain In Love.’ I ignored the fact that a talk entitled ‘The Brain Out Of Love’ would probably be more appropriate for me and went ahead and watched it anyway. Boy I’m glad I did. Helen Fisher brings up some comforting facts. 95% of all men and women answered that they have either A) dumped someone who really loved them or B) been dumped by someone who they really loved. That sort of statistic doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence but it at least suggests that my plight isn’t one I have to suffer alone! It seems everybody is bound to suffer in singledom at some point in their lives.


Fisher goes on to give some analysis of why men and women seem to be so different citing our evolution in small tribes as a strong shaping factor. Men evolved to sit side by side and not meet a gaze directly, women evolved nurturing and caring for their kids, looking into their faces constantly, and so seek this eye to eye contact more than man.

I hope that’s why cute guys don’t seem to want to meet my gaze when I’m on the subway! Anyway, I found this article which I hope is going to give me some useful tips. Expect to hear of my progress in upcoming blogs!



Cat People

So as you know, I consider myself to be a crazy cat lady in training- as such I obviously waste a lot of my time watching cute cat videos on the internet! The furry freaks keep me chuckling through the darkest of days as they hurl themselves at closed windows or squeeze into tiny spaces. However, I found this hilarious videos that demonstrates how their behaviour only really works for them because they are cats and how funny (and creepy) it woudl be if we acted the same way) its brilliant..so enjoy

Keep your PDA’s outta my way!

Ok, so anyone who follows me will know I am crazy cat lady in training. At 32 I am single and my most substantial relationship is with two men known to most as Ben and Jerry.

And as Summer brings out the sunshine, so it brings out couples from the confines of their perfectly adequate beds and sofas to cavort on any area of grass or sand they can find. As if I am not reminded enough that I am a singleton, I must endure public displays of affection everywhere I go! Central Park, The Subway or the Hamptons.

This is why I hate the summer. Bring on the winter where log fires and cosy nights in keep these smug people at bay. Of course it also brings the loneliness of a yuletide alone but hey thats another story.

So in the spirit of my latest rant I thought I would compile a top ten list of the most awkward, funny and frankly inappropriate PDA’s around. Google is my friend and a broken heart my sidekick to laugh with me…

#10- this man clearly thinks being cheeky requires a butt cheek grope- classy!



#9– the ‘get a room couple’. I mean seriously that poor woman is trying to have a conversation while being shuffled off her bench by this couples PDA




#8– I would like to shake this mans hand- photo bomb those smug couples!




#7- wow- what a lucky lady- actually these terrible PDA makes me happy I am single!



#6– All is fair in love and war but is it really appropriate to PDA in a riot!



#5– Celebrities are the worst for their lavish PDA’s and the Kardashians are no exception- though frankly where that hand has gone leaves little to the imagination!





#4 That is a look of disgust that I am working on – the only difference is I may be surrounded by cats at that age- must train them to stare like this too!




#3– Oh yes- PDA fails from animals are even better!




#2 – This is one sophisticated couple- and they say romance is dead!




#1– well this takes PDA to a whole new level- not sure which I find more offensive, getting busy on a bus or those sandals!




Miniature Life Tutorial

awesome site

Joel Robison Photography


In the past few months I’ve received quite a few requests and questions around creating a tutorial for how I do photos like these, making myself miniature! I’ve been meaning to write a tutorial for how I achieve this look but haven’t had much time to sit and write one out, until now!

I’ll break the tutorial down into two parts, shooting the actual images and then editing them.

Shooting The Photos!

The first thing I always try to before I take any photo but especially these miniature ones, is make sure that I have a solid concept and an idea of any props or supplies I might need. The more prepared you are for shooting, the easier the entire process becomes. From my experience, shooting miniature scenes works best with simple backgrounds like walls, windows, or lush forest areas. If you have a busy background, even one with a…

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The Little Things in Life

One of my favourite hobbies is photography. I used to enjoy taking pictures of people, but I have found a new passion- model photography. I don’t mean human models I mean figurines. This guy Vincent Bousserez for example really inspires me.

The wonderful thing about snapping models, is you can create your own stories and own little worlds. So on a recent trip to New York I decided to take a friend- in the form of Martha the robot. She accompanied me everywhere I went. 5th, Magnolias, on the Tube, Central Park. She was my buddy.

People did think I was a litttle mad taking pictures of this tiny robot. But the world I created, the big city from such a tiny perspective, made me see the city through completely new eyes. I have been to New York about 10 times. Its my favourite city in the world to visit. So I have seen most of it before. However, with Martha started noticing street art, I noticed places and spaces I could snap her that gave me brilliant pictures and still celebrated the city that never sleeps.

2014-03-24 16.52.25

Self Pity in the City

So welcome to my world. A whirlwind of social media stalking and squawking, of a lotta lattes and probably more self indulgent soul searching than is strictly healthy. However, along the way I hope to seek out the beauty in life. To remind myself that the pursuit of love and happiness lies in our own ability to identify what makes us happy, to never stop learning and to recognise the beauty in the every day.

So for example I have been using Instagram to do 100happydays.com a challenge to find and document one thing that makes you happy, every day. Its actually harder than you imagine!

I aim to personally document those little moments in life that most pass by- whether via discussing it here or via a photo on here too. I  aim to share the things and people who inspire me to keep buggering on as old Winston Churchill told us. To start with I would like to introduce you to one woman who I am truely in awe of.

Brene Brown is a trained Counsellor who decided to start researching into vulnerability and how – in spite of our natural reaction to avoid it or see it as a weakness- we actually need it to be human and to bond with others. This concept spoke to me deeply both as a creative and also in terms of my personal experience. I, as many, have certainly felt vulnerable and immediately responded with a self berating ‘pull yourself together’ and ‘stop being so weak or pathetic’. However, listening to Brene made me understand that sometimes, we need to embrace this emotion – however terrifying- as it is actually empowering- after all, to accept we are fallible and to recognise others are too.. well that puts an end to judgement, it makes us more understanding and more empathetic.