About Me

I am a 32 year old singleton living in the city. Like most women my age I fear growing old alone and being found eaten by my cats in the wedding dress I never got to wear. My freezer consists of potato waffles, a bottle of gin and emergency Ben and Jerry’s (who am I kidding there is no emergency needed!) However, all is fair in love and war and I am waging a war on the single life via the medium of internet dating, social media meet ups and throwing myself into a journey of self discovery through taking classes, visiting psychics and even dabbling in a bit of hippy dippy therapy.
So far my main tip- don’t underestimate the healing and happiness gleaned from dancing furiously in your kitchen, long walks with nature and learning from the wealth of knowledge that the internet has to offer- oh and a bit of retail therapy doesn’t go a miss!

Outside of the world of love and relationships, my pursuit of happiness lies in reading, writing, photography, films and of course shopping!! I am fascinated by people and why people do what they do and are who they are. What motivates us and what inspires us.


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