The People you Bump Into While Shopping

I’ve started making resolutions again. I’m in my thirties and single and one of the things I’m planning on doing in the new year is to make some quality friends and to spread my friend-catching net wide enough so that I don’t have to settle for below-par friends.

SIngle in the city

One of the other resolutions I made was to make sure my two kitty cats are getting enough water. The splish splashing of a toy fish in their water bowls would hopefully tempt them to drink more water. While out shopping at the local store for my cats, I was wondering through the supermarket looking for the toy but also for fresh packaged dates to prepare for friends I was having over. Having trouble finding the packaged dates, I asked the sales manager, a guy that I was getting to know, if he knew where I could find packaged dates. The guy looked at me rather oddly and replied ‘maybe you could try the Yellow Pages under ‘escorts’. I know women often buy into the stereotype that cat owners are more sensitive and caring, but I immediately knew with this guy that he couldn’t possible own cats and that I would certainly be removing him from my dating profile.


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