A Travellers Tale

So, I’ve been on holiday recently (thank god for Loans from Ferratum), meeting up with my fellow singleton member KG in Berlin. Normally not one to love leaving my cats let alone the comforts of my stash of Ben and Jerry, the recent warm weather and its endless opportunity for others to display their love has got me in motion.

KG has assured me that Berlin will supply all that a girl like me needs – bountiful hipster boys newly arrived from all over the world with their ever so rough facial hair, endless cheap cocktails and a city that shares my love of photography. Having survived the trip without drooling on the shoulder of my in flight neighbour (oddly enough, not a way to entice a man), I arrived raring to go. First stop fashionable Prenzlauer Berg, and what better way to show me the view than from the roof of a shopping centre. Seriously though, Deck 5 was amazing, I managed to get off some wonderful sunset photos while admiring the cassette of hipsters sipping their whisky sours.


Over the next few days we got into a holiday rhythm – exploring the amazing graffiti and galleries of Berlin ( I highly recommend the Berlin Museum for Photography), and trawling the numerous bars at night. Berlin is a refreshing change from the cleanliness of home, seemingly unconcerned with making an appearance or the right outfit for the occasion.

I came home exhausted but reassured that I wasnt the only single girl in the city – and that Ben and Jerry do wait.

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