Amazing talk on why we fall in love

So as you all know I’m constantly on the lookout, scouring the internet for anything that will make the Gordian Knot of love, life and relationships a little less perplexing. Seeing as I can’t follow in the footsteps of the Great Alexander by simply destroying the knot with a swift swing of a sword, I’ve got to look to other means of untangling it.

So imagine my delight when I happened upon this ted talk entitled ‘The Brain In Love.’ I ignored the fact that a talk entitled ‘The Brain Out Of Love’ would probably be more appropriate for me and went ahead and watched it anyway. Boy I’m glad I did. Helen Fisher brings up some comforting facts. 95% of all men and women answered that they have either A) dumped someone who really loved them or B) been dumped by someone who they really loved. That sort of statistic doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence but it at least suggests that my plight isn’t one I have to suffer alone! It seems everybody is bound to suffer in singledom at some point in their lives.


Fisher goes on to give some analysis of why men and women seem to be so different citing our evolution in small tribes as a strong shaping factor. Men evolved to sit side by side and not meet a gaze directly, women evolved nurturing and caring for their kids, looking into their faces constantly, and so seek this eye to eye contact more than man.

I hope that’s why cute guys don’t seem to want to meet my gaze when I’m on the subway! Anyway, I found this article which I hope is going to give me some useful tips. Expect to hear of my progress in upcoming blogs!




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