Keep your PDA’s outta my way!

Ok, so anyone who follows me will know I am crazy cat lady in training. At 32 I am single and my most substantial relationship is with two men known to most as Ben and Jerry.

And as Summer brings out the sunshine, so it brings out couples from the confines of their perfectly adequate beds and sofas to cavort on any area of grass or sand they can find. As if I am not reminded enough that I am a singleton, I must endure public displays of affection everywhere I go! Central Park, The Subway or the Hamptons.

This is why I hate the summer. Bring on the winter where log fires and cosy nights in keep these smug people at bay. Of course it also brings the loneliness of a yuletide alone but hey thats another story.

So in the spirit of my latest rant I thought I would compile a top ten list of the most awkward, funny and frankly inappropriate PDA’s around. Google is my friend and a broken heart my sidekick to laugh with me…

#10- this man clearly thinks being cheeky requires a butt cheek grope- classy!



#9– the ‘get a room couple’. I mean seriously that poor woman is trying to have a conversation while being shuffled off her bench by this couples PDA




#8– I would like to shake this mans hand- photo bomb those smug couples!




#7- wow- what a lucky lady- actually these terrible PDA makes me happy I am single!



#6– All is fair in love and war but is it really appropriate to PDA in a riot!



#5– Celebrities are the worst for their lavish PDA’s and the Kardashians are no exception- though frankly where that hand has gone leaves little to the imagination!





#4 That is a look of disgust that I am working on – the only difference is I may be surrounded by cats at that age- must train them to stare like this too!




#3– Oh yes- PDA fails from animals are even better!




#2 – This is one sophisticated couple- and they say romance is dead!




#1– well this takes PDA to a whole new level- not sure which I find more offensive, getting busy on a bus or those sandals!





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