The Little Things in Life

One of my favourite hobbies is photography. I used to enjoy taking pictures of people, but I have found a new passion- model photography. I don’t mean human models I mean figurines. This guy Vincent Bousserez for example really inspires me.

The wonderful thing about snapping models, is you can create your own stories and own little worlds. So on a recent trip to New York I decided to take a friend- in the form of Martha the robot. She accompanied me everywhere I went. 5th, Magnolias, on the Tube, Central Park. She was my buddy.

People did think I was a litttle mad taking pictures of this tiny robot. But the world I created, the big city from such a tiny perspective, made me see the city through completely new eyes. I have been to New York about 10 times. Its my favourite city in the world to visit. So I have seen most of it before. However, with Martha started noticing street art, I noticed places and spaces I could snap her that gave me brilliant pictures and still celebrated the city that never sleeps.

2014-03-24 16.52.25


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