Self Pity in the City

So welcome to my world. A whirlwind of social media stalking and squawking, of a lotta lattes and probably more self indulgent soul searching than is strictly healthy. However, along the way I hope to seek out the beauty in life. To remind myself that the pursuit of love and happiness lies in our own ability to identify what makes us happy, to never stop learning and to recognise the beauty in the every day.

So for example I have been using Instagram to do a challenge to find and document one thing that makes you happy, every day. Its actually harder than you imagine!

I aim to personally document those little moments in life that most pass by- whether via discussing it here or via a photo on here too. I  aim to share the things and people who inspire me to keep buggering on as old Winston Churchill told us. To start with I would like to introduce you to one woman who I am truely in awe of.

Brene Brown is a trained Counsellor who decided to start researching into vulnerability and how – in spite of our natural reaction to avoid it or see it as a weakness- we actually need it to be human and to bond with others. This concept spoke to me deeply both as a creative and also in terms of my personal experience. I, as many, have certainly felt vulnerable and immediately responded with a self berating ‘pull yourself together’ and ‘stop being so weak or pathetic’. However, listening to Brene made me understand that sometimes, we need to embrace this emotion – however terrifying- as it is actually empowering- after all, to accept we are fallible and to recognise others are too.. well that puts an end to judgement, it makes us more understanding and more empathetic.



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